About The Company

Top Deals was established, solely, out of one purpose: To transform lives and bring the modern concept it instills to a much convenient, strategic and highly systematic way of earning. Maximizing the power of the internet, the company, strategically set the ground for online advertising with the use of social networking site. Officially launched on May 2014, the company is positioned to empower products and services to the global market.

The company believes, that as partners, businesspeople and entrepreneurs, Wealth is not only about the Income but also about TIME conservation – one of the reasons why the owners and management desired to follow a Business Model that proves the “Law of Leverage” as the most innate and promising model, even more promising than the “Law of Average”. One of the differentiators of the company is the flexibility of the business model – that can either be “Traditional” or “Modern (Network/Leveraging)”.

In the generation where Philippines is no longer known as the “Sick Man of Asia”, Top Deals is very aggressive and Passionate in bringing the country and people to the next level – and be named as the “Rising Tiger of Asia”.

The company believes that Entrepreneurship, with proper literacy training, education and knowledge, is THE FUTURE. And that every hopeful’s big dreams should start with: TOP DEALS.

Warmest Welcome!


To exceptionally maximize the potential of the services

To offer an Entrepreneurial Venture to interested individuals at an affordable Capitalization, guided by the principles of the company

To offer Home-Based services to all individuals who want to maximize their Internet connection with ease and convenience.


To be recognized as one of the Top companies in the Network Marketing and Advertising field, with the core principles: Excellence, Global Competitiveness and Exceptional Breakthrough Strategies. To spearhead the industry as one of the Change-makers, transforming lives from deemed “typical” to extraordinary ones, creating a progressive and consistent momentum that vows to only UPGRADE the lives of the partners throughout the Globe Financially, emotionally, intellectually, mentally and spiritually.

To bring Value to the Country with Nationalistic pride and its core potential to be one of the most promising Business Grounds in the world, creating a whole new global perception that, while ours is known as one of the Top economies in terms of Providing Labor Force internationally, we CAN ALSO be the exceptional Business and Entrepreneurship-Centered nation.