Maximo Betito was a student by day, working person by night. As the demands of life through the years made it more difficult for him to reach the success he was looking for – he believed in the Network marketing industry right after he got acquainted to it.

With almost 15 years of experience both on the ground and administration, he believes that the Industry has the capability of transforming ordinary lives into extraordinary ones with the best of principles there is in the field.

With all of hardwork, series of paychecks, learning experiences and failures in the past, he bundled every arsenal enough for him and his fellows to spearhead the most innovative company in the field, and eventually paved way for the birth of –  TOP DEALS.

Today, as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, he is aiming for every Filipino to access a Start-Up Business with a cost-efficient amount of capital but with enormous potential returns. With thousands of members and established nation-wide franchises in a span of 8 months since incorporation, He keeps on pushing every button to attain the maximum success through strategic principles and ideals he himself instilled in the company.



With 17-year hands-on study and planning of Network Marketing System and Direct Sales Business, he is considered as one of the masterminds of TOP DEALS – which explains the company’s enormous growth for the last 7 months since incorporation. He is considered as the pillar of exponential success of the company, with a unique function in the strategic planning and marketing conceptualization in the Philippine setting. He is Equipped with a keen sense of observation of marketing trends, has extensive experiences from companies which he helped start from the ground up to becoming Network Marketing and Direct Sales companies.

Apart from his proven managerial and administrative experience, through his unique Training Seminars, he has motivated countless number of people to be outstanding sales leaders in their locality and, for the outstanding ones, a means to achieve personal empowerment and sales strategy enhancement.
Mr. Silvestre Bolano, the President and Chief Operations Officer of TOP DEALS INC, is considered to be one of the true good leaders we have today, and is now fully working side by side with the other members of the management to assure every Top Dealer in the country that in every commitment given to the company, there is a gigantic potential of achieving financial growth on the other end.